REVIEW (English)
Commander-World's Destructive Domination

Initially my thought was 'fuck no'. The name of the band and the CD just put me off. However, this is one of the best Cds I have received in a long time. They are a five piece German thrash/death metal band that have basically got the cross over balance between the two genres just right. Fans of Nevermore might dig this, to me it sounds like Arch Enemy meets Kreator, or In Flames with balls. Crossing deathmetal with thrash is something that many bands try, and so many fail at, there's either too much grrrr, or too much ooooooo, Commander have got it spot on apart from the clean vocals scattered in here and there, but I guess if clean vocals is your bag you might enjoy. The music is magnificently brutal, but melodic and memorable, the production is suitable for the material and everything comes across clear enough in the mix. I would travel some way to see these guys play live and I suggest you do the same.